The One You Deserve

Written by: Anya Chebukina

You want a super hero?
You want a prince charming?
You want a bad boy with tattoos?

You wont get your super hero 
Because even he
Will be gone when you need him most

You wont get your prince charming
Because your not Cinderella 
Your just a normal girl

You wont get your bad boy in tattoos
Because he isn't for you
You might just get hurt

But what you will get is a Man
Who loves you for you
Who wont ask you of anything 
But your love

He wont force to be some one your not
He wont tell you to do what you cant
And why?
Because He's the one you deserve. 

You don't need a super hero
You don't need a prince charming
You don't need a bad boy in tattoos.

Look around
Maybe you'll see the one you deserve.