Baby Personality Part 2

Written by: Maris Oliver

It travelled with her throughout her tweens and teens. Constantly putting her foot in her mouth. Friends come and go, but she's mostly without! Them... Yes them. A lover, friends, and family she feels she can truly confide in. So many judging, so many secrets to hide. Knowledge in Lal's head. Stupidity in her heart. Now she realizes how to be a child. But the times up. Adulthood is here. Perhaps it has for a while. Even though she is 18 she is still considered a child. Her first heartbreak. A stab in the back. The boy she loved and her best friend. There together holding hands, in her face no punishment for them. But every move she makes, comes with rejection her exes sardonic smile in the hallway. The story of a young girl between childhood and adulthood; and the extremities that lie between. Someday Lal will figure it out. No more lonely cries, red eyes, and being deceived by lies. She will mount her white stallion and parade into the sunrise of victory. And will finally close this chapter in her history.