if this is really what you wanted, how about you make it happen

Written by: chelsy gonzales

you've got a mean streak about you, that makes you such a disgrace
you laugh at me and shove me around and hit me in my face
i'm sick of the way you treat me, and how your always knocking down my dreams 
everyone says your perfect for me, but its never what it seems 
because your so messed up, and it took me so long to see 
that you'd end up this way, why would i let this be
i thought you'd change with my love, but i could never make you happy
i did everything for you, but nothing could make you love me 
so here i am lying around the room you locked me in, and trying to hide behind my strength
but its slipping fast, i have nothing left because you've stolen all my faith 
you took the girl i was and the woman i was hoping i could be
but she died down fast when she noticed all the faults you see
and i tried hard to get away from you but you've done nothing but thrown me around
there's no way to get back up and out after you shove me to the ground 
and i would run and hide, try to get away, if it wasn't for the threats 
so ill just lie around wasting my life away because you seem to know me best