To John Keats

Written by: Vee Bdosa

This then more words to Keats
and wonder where the man might be
sleeping now within his dark
or living yet in you and me?

With no desire of telling us
the things he's feeling now
or yes, it burns, the will is there,
but doesn't tell him how
to reach our minds so far away
thru vast diminsions come between
our living now, or living then,
that we have never seen.

Or gone forever to the dead?

Whooeee! Then what's the use?
Off hanging on to our life
why don't we turn it loose?
I'd rather know him dead and gone
and hidden by a wall
invisible to our eyes
than not know him at all
and hate to think his words and thoughts
are all he left behind--
and all the accidents we are
turn out as tricks of mind.
  © ron wilson aka veebdosa
One of the great masters of all time, John Keats, who managed to do all he did in only a 26 year life span.