Standing on the edge

Written by: Asheka Collins

Standing on the edge of a cliff,
I contemplate my fate.

A life that is safe, known,
always the same, predictably on course.
Like the days of time.
Flowing from one to the other, endlessly...
“Is this my fate?” I wonder

The uncertainty coursing through my body.
My head and heart in serious doubt.

A life of promise beacons
filled with uncertainty,
filled with risk,
filled with danger and only a whisper 
of potential fun.
Is this my destiny?
Is this my fate?

Can I turn my back on the life,
 I have always known,
for an uncertain one?

What if I walk away and only then? 
Realize that I made the wrong choice?
As I stand on the edge, 
My heart beats hard and fast.
My breath rasps painfully in my chest.

For I know, I have to jump
Into the whisper of promise.

For that mere whisper,
fills me with excitement.
It makes me glow from within my core.

Who knows what’s right or wrong?
The only thing sure is how I feel at this moment.
Uncertain, confused and excited in the face of the unknown.

As I stand on the edge.
My fate is sealed. I have to jump!