Written by: John Heck

Hey there, Rag doll!
I'm folding into a bowled, 
bold mix and
I'm in knead of a partner.

First come. First served.

Lying in a daydream -
I see you fit the bill.
Make my realities a nightmare.

You're my dazzling star.
You're thin-sliced innocent.
You're an unused gift certificate.
Need me.

Hey there, sweetheart!
Don't talk. Don't yelp.
It's only me leaving 
an oil-stained finger print upon
your left eyelid.
Special. The touch -
my touch -
is special-licious.
Pirate-rigged and e(special)ly 
meant for you.

I threw away my thesaurus yesterday.
I found it unnecessary
and callous.
LOVE is a four letter word
as is -

Hit me with an anthemed antonym.

Hey there, pumpkin!
Kiss me once again
and revel in 
the sticky juices of
our misguided

Spit, spanked and smothered.
A rolling pin of charm -

You knead me,