i love you too

Written by: John Loving III

i tried to love you 
and i knew it was a mistake
you do so many things
that i knew i couldn't take

try to change someone
what gave me that ideal
it was when you said you loved me
but that was the way you lived

i never was foolish
and i saw through all the lies
i even saw emotions
that would complicate our lives

real love real love
that is what i had for you
but when payday rolled around
that when you began your abuse

but i wasn't the fool
you thought i was
i had my limit
i knew where to stop love

i knew how to say 
this game is over
i'm not going to play
or cross over the boarder

this thing that you are
that you can not stop
it takes away love
all that you've got

it took it from you
it took it from me
it took it from your brother 
and sisters i've never seen

and here i am
i tried to help you out
but when you needed me the most
i turned into a louse

sorry, mean ole terrible me
you said "i love you"
and now i've said i love you back
love is a terrible thing when it's just an act

(by john and stephanie) but this is not a collaboration