What r u looking for

Written by: Shaz Cheesman

Lazy Sundays, a sleep in until whenever, sunny day bbq or a driving adventure, come to think of it - What is it that you are looking for?

A romantic dinner for two, a glass of wine or more, having laughs or chatting down to the core – do you even know what you are looking for?

A modern day Jane Austen, a sure thing, a quick fling or a just never go there kind of ‘ing’  – whatever it is – are you sure you know what you are looking for?

Pealing back the layers, finding out what’s inside, knowing and taking your time –  is that the person you are looking for?

High energy plus, taking life by the scruff, making the most of every moment, climbing mountains until your stuffed  – is that what you are looking for?

Have you any idea, do you really even care, or can you be bothered, or have you not even thought - about what it is that you are looking for?

A crazy path of twist and turns, experience's that burn, the thought has you churning - are you even game enough to think about the kind of person you may be looking for?

Take a chance, life’s too short, have some fun, to keep company, have good conversation, just hangin out , or to just be close to someone.

What ever it is – if you get the chance fill the gap and seek out what, or the kind of who you are looking for.....