It All Served its Purpose Well

Written by: Robin Sharpe

It is like a river that flows and then stops 
It is like a mountain that you reach the top and then stop 
It is like an apple that you bite but, do not finish 
It is like a dream that you had and  it came true but, it was not good enough 
It was like a song that you heard but, it did not have all the right words 
It was like the best meal but it wasn't that great. 
It was like you had it in your hand but, then you let it go. 
It is like my life, but it wasn't enough. 
It was like I had it, but it was not enough 
It was like a challenge, but not enough. 
It was so soft, but there were flaws 
It was so easy, but it was hard. 
It was so simple, but I made it hard. 
It was a new beginning 
It was a new story 
It was a new day 
It was a new night 
It was clear skies 
It was a windy day 
It was snowing 
It was warm 
It was Spring 
It was Summer 
It was Fall 
It was Winter 
It was every color, but not the perfect one 
It was every moment, but not the moment. 
It was a cycle of events that never ended. 
It was confusion 
It made sense. 
It was the best 
It was my life