Unzipped lips

Written by: Phyllis Babcock

 You drive me crazy each time I  try to call.
 You don't answer me in person at all.
 You tell me to hold but what am I supposed to hold.
 You tell me someone will be there but all you play is music.
 Is that supposed to soothe the soul,
 Then we start to play a game.
 You start to number things, so I could guess, in this game.
How do you know, if, the number is right or do I have to guess?
 You give me so many options, yet none seem to fit.
 Then I pull my hair out in fright.
 Why can't you put on a person who talks?
 Why do you think I like playing this crazy game?
 When you sense my frustration,
 You tell me to push 0 to speak to a person.
 I push 0 and talk to a person but I sit back and wonder,
 Why--- no person--- was there in the first place.
 The fingers did the walking but I still needed to do the talking.