From emptiness to nothingness

Written by: Melody Coster

I stepped through the door in to emptiness
Empty rooms all around, empty nothingness
Even the cobwebs appeared to be empty
Dust everywhere, yet no footsteps showed
As I walked across the darkened room.
Dust swirls started dancing all around me
To the point that I couldn’t see in front of me
Yet I seemed to know where I was going
Each room I stepped into seemed emptier 
Walls were on the verge of collapse all around
Windows broken in various stages
What was that? Something scurried away
No light to see, not even a ray of sun 
Again another empty room, even more so
Then the others I had passed through before.
Suddenly, a glowing light paused before me
Across the empty room, against the wall.
It hovered with nothing above it or below it
It hung like that for an eternity, then was gone
As if, I imagined, it never existed.
Perhaps it was my imagination playing tricks
But no! I believe that it was the soul of the house
Finally finding its’ way to escape the darkness
While I! not realizing that I was to take its’ place
As the house in its despair seemed to close in on me.