I Feel

Written by: Rodney Riggins

" I Feel " 

At times I feel like no one's around 
me sometimes I feel upset and always angry.
Though times I feel like I'm all alone
sitting in a dark place where spirits
and evil roam. I feel like people take
me for granted I feel like people at
times they don't understand me.
Sometimes I hate cos my love is a memory
at times I feel so fake pretending to
be happy.

I feel hate I feel pain I feel things
that I can't explain.
I feel hurt I'm not feeling the same
I'm always thinking and my mind is strain
in my brain It's ashame.

I feel tears as they fall down my face 
so many things taking from me that 
can't be replaced. I feel abused and I 
feel used I feel thrown away I feel 

Cos I feel hurt and pain I feel damaged
and stained I feel helpless It's a shame
my hearts been shattered I feel pain.

I feel pain I feel pain I feel pain
I feel pain. I'm so in pain and
it feels like no one gives a damn
cos I feel pain.