The person in the mirror

Written by: Author Rhonda Kay Hero - Wilson

I have decided to be nice to the person I see in the mirror looking back at me.
She has been through hell and back, so many unkind words were screamed at her.
She herself would call that person looking a loser, a *****, worthless, a fat pig, ugly
and always wished she would be dead. 
The words were those she learned and heard though out her childhood and teens.
Words from parents that pierced her heart and soul like them plunging a dagger deep.

She stands today starring back at the image in the mirror and decides to break the cycle.
The ugliness, the words that damaged her, the physical cutting daily, the vomiting  and
binging that destroyed her inside out and out.
She has decided to reclaim that they had stolen, damaged, killed in her so, so long ago.
Words of gentleness she speaks today, she tries to be brave after her long, long worldwide
battle of a war that she was thrown into.

Her pain is easing, her self-esteem slowly returning, her heart and soul slowly, slowly healing.
It's a journey she welcomes and embraces daily, she no longer fears the tomorrow and yesterdays
She now speaks bravely, of hope, of courage, of pride and with much compassion and
Smiling she says to the women looking back 'we are gonna be alright' and 'Today I love You'.
Today together hand in hand they continue their long, long journey.