Lavender Boy

Written by: Kaila B.A

The green eyes of yours
Know how to smooth my acts
they take me to a lavender filed
and you are there watching me sleep

The way you look at me when holding hands
Let me think if we ever will be
Together we shall grow old 
So, let it forever be you and me

The sound of your laughters 
make me live in a peaceful world
It makes me feel i'm in a therapy room
You are my lavender boy, you are my chamomile tea 

When you walk to me with your sweaty shirt
My eyes just keep hanging on you
All of them people are jealous of us I know
Because we got each other yes we do

How come you can make me relax
Like I'm on a pill or some weird staff
With you my heart is relaxed for sure that I know
That's why you are my lavender boy

I want you in my cup 
I want you in my bath
I want you on my bed
I want you everywhere

You can be when ever, where ever you want
All i care is you will be next to me
Me and you for ever will be
Holding hands just you and me