We were

Written by: melanie jennings

Sat beneath the stars we were, supping pepsi from a can
on the bridge near castle farm, just hiding from me mam 
Twas 10 o clock and fairly dark for kids of just fourteen 
But we were brave and strong and tough and menacing and mean 

Trailing through the streets we were, hoods up and walking tall
Scowling at the passers by, obnoxious and knowing all. 
Kicking through the flower beds not having any cares 
Smoking crafty cigs behind the shops our parents unaware. 

Watching passing trains we were, whilst climbing in the trees 
Laughing uncontrollably and chanting in the breeze 
Spray paint cans and marker pens, graffiti through the town 
having a ball, cos we were 'ard' you couldnt bring us down 

Throwing eggs and stones we were, foolish to our crime 
a group of little vandals, just school kids in our prime. 
Climbing into gardens, kidnapping small, clay gnomes 
making the most of all the things 'you wouldnt do at home' 

Running from police we were, because they'd seen our stash, 
a bottle of some cheap, flat beer and about one hundred fags. 
Taking rules from no- one, not listening to a word 
'cos we were just too cool for school, one day we'd rule the world. 

Then Tucked in bed asleep we were, wearing kisses from our dads
'Cos really we were children, we werent always bad 
So to all you tiny terrors, id just like you to know 
Weve been there, done that, seen it all,not quite so long ago.