The Cold,Cold Heart


One night I met her in a bar
Just two strangers from afar
We drank and drank,some more
Then we headed out the door
Our passion it began to soar
I awoke with a stranger today
When she awoke she wanted to stay
Odd, how I wished she'd go away
I called a cab and sent her home
Tonight again in the bar I'll roam
And someone else will leave with me
I want no ties, I need to be free
In my heart I feel nothing
You are just a passing fling
Beware the stranger you may meet
It may be me in that seat
I'll fill your head with lies
Before you even realise
You are now my prize
Tonight a new one will sit there
I'll sit next to her in that chair
We'll drink and drink some more
Then I'll lead her out the door

carolann crowley  5/12/2012