His only saviour

Written by: Shaz Cheesman

A man who has lost his real true love
Endless tears streaming down like rain
Then just darkness, nothing - no pain
Forgetting love its just desires he craves

A woman he hears, her voice just fine
Seductive she whispers sensually in his ear
She word plays for him his sexual desires
Feeding fantasies his only type of love

He imagines her scent filling his air
Eyes deep blue his lost in her stare
Touching lips taste savoury and sweet
Hands caressing body oh sublime

Breathing fast and pumping heart
A craved desire his only sexual play
She takes him to places, erotic so real
Her sexyness just driving him insane

He can't imagine a life without it
An addiction relentless to his core
This seductive and aluring woman
His only saviour, a sex chat whore