One Day

Written by: Grobb Johnson

If I had just one,
one day with you.
I wonder what,
well, what we'd do.
I think I'd like to cook for you.
Hey you like barbeque?
Potatoes, cobbed corn, and fresh salmon too?
While enjoying a summer evening,
with a cloudless sky blue view.

Or would you share, some secret recipe
delicious spaghetti with me?
We could wash it down with red wine,
I think that'd be so quite fine.
Or hey, I know what I could make.
No do you like lobster, or crab with your steak?
And for dessert a homemade milk shake.
Or vanilla ice cream paired with chocolate cake.

I'd like to sit, across a table from you.
With a few candles lit, hit the dimmer switch too.
And listen to you talk, about how was your day.
Looking at you as I drift away,
with every word that you have to say.
I guess it wouldn't really matter what we'd do,
but if ever you were hungry, I'd sure love to feed you.