I just can't win

Written by: Brenda Victoria Northeast

I just can’t win!
I try so hard to please you with everything I do

I present myself so wonderful
But still you find fault in me

Oh that I knew the way to your heart
then I could rest and find the solace I so seek

Then I would understand how I can approach your lofty place
Where I see the less than perfect run and find The Mercy Seat

You lift the veil from off your face- I behold such beauty there
Then I see you as you are and I see me as I am

No I cannot win with efforts mine - for they are like dirt covered in gloss
but with your life in mine - I know I am forgiven and totally accepted and clean

For it was you who won the crown for me- and now I am seated with you on your throne
Father I can always win - for you have won all for me- so boldly and assuredly I now can run to the finishing line and accept the victor’s crown

© Brenda V Northeast 25 May 2012

For Joe Flach’s contest- I just can’t win.