storage wars women

Written by: John Loving III

i could look at laura 
all day
that perfect smile
and dental display
she has something 
that she keeps in her smile
that says your welcome
and stay for a while

every show has guest stars
and this is true
our guest this week
is nabila
a special treat for me and you
"whoa" commercial time
she's so fine we are
going to have her "checked out"
to see if she's really worth 
the fortune we see $$
i don't need an appraiser
she's worth it

and brandi, she's jerods girl
a thorn in his side
the light of his world

who is that woman from texas
with that big black man
don't ask me why i think she's sexy
i just know that she is
i like a middle aged woman 
that still looks good
i'd meet her in person 
if i only could