the listening friend

Written by: Anthony Slausen

everything is beyond green today
even the bluebirds take notice,
and seronade the dancing sun
death is so far away-

iv'e given a name to the Iris
that lives and plays near the trailhead
that has greeted me for a week
cheered my clumsy stride -human scent

white ibis stand still as michaelangelo marble
so gracefull in its wicked intent
the muscrat makes a water path
leaving the eyes in green swirls of silence

i hear voices from a broken farm 
 voices covered with flutes filled with green shoots
its a good moment to be thankfull
giveback to god a string of green pearls of pleasant thought...
within this moment you hope the blood vessels stay in line,
the heart and brain swallow only calm waves
at least until you get back to the trailhead...
and Iris for being a listening friend