Big And Carrie sex and the city

Written by: Adrienne Gresham

No matter who he would marry, his heart belonged to Carrie
Her romance with Aiden could'nt keep them apart
Big already had her heart
It was almost like a forbidden love
The kind one tries to rid themselves of
Their love stood through the test of time
Lingering on in the backs of their minds
The love was so strong, they couldn't ignore
They came together on the penhouse floor
One more hurdle they must get over
He only wanted her, his friend, his lover
He lost his nerve at the thought of the crowd
The girls took the honeymoon, as they enjoyed it out loud
Big knew for months what he must do
get to that courthouse and say I do.

Adrienne L. Gresham
Soul Mates
Big and Carrie  sex and the city