Written by: Sarah Casey

Anticipation blinks
and bleeds
while you walk out one final time.
You think it's all a game-
and yet I'm always to blame
after all the shame
and pitiful mercy-

The moon lights your path
darkens close to mine-
I don't want to find you-
nor see you-
nor hear you,
sure I've caused a lot,
but you've caused so much more.

I'm a hothead?
while your mouth freely judges
to those who don't keep secrets-
or anything to themselves.

Adieu to you and all this maddness
I'm not sorry and I don't plan to be-
you've wrecked my ego-
bruised and shattered
and instead of revenge,
I'm letting you go

not cause I'm hurt-
sulking in the corner
but because I can't be with a guy like you.

I can't be with someone who doesn't know who he loves-
I can't stay with you.