Its good to do good

Written by: Franklin Goode


There is freshness and an echoing of joy and peace in doing good.
The rewards are beyond any earthly values.  If you could and would, I suggest you daily do some good.

Birth it, teach it, and even preach it. The world is slaking, and participating in too much relaxing.  Restore its name and fame. We must let good reign.

There is a drum call for us to heed. Listen, can you see what’s missing. Look around. Avoid other sounds. Good should not be silenced.  It’s time to start a revolution. Enlist, resist and persist.

Let good flow, worldly people. I know that you know. Sorry bad! We can’t take you anymore. Sign up today, don’t delay. Pledge to do good daily.  Life depends on this trend.

Make Mother Good happy, allow her to live long, as life goes on. Shine on good, shine on long. Your day has come.  Celebrate the four letter word  “good”  as you refresh in its goodness.

Dr. “G”