Come on 2012

Written by: Seren Roberts

 Why can’t I smile this morning
 What is making me frown
 Why is my head so achy
 It’s the cough that’s getting me down
 It isn’t a good sign for me
 Means I am carrying fluid within
 My heart will have to beat faster
 To keep me from losing this game.
 Cos that’s what living is you know
 A game, a lottery
 So come on surgeons hurry up
 And help to set me free
 Free from worry and distress
 Free to live again
 Free to fall in love
 Free from all this pain
 The pain of uncertainty
 The worry and the stress
 It isn’t fair to those who care,
 To see me in this mess
 So come on 2012 
 That's the year my life begins
 Help me to start my life again
 My face a perpetual grin.