White Knight

Written by: Seren Roberts

 We are all waiting for that knight
 With armour shining bright.
 Holding his arms out to say
 Here, come close, 
 You’ll find love another day.
 Everyone, needs someone,
 In this life so full of pain.
 To watch over them, and guide them
 Never to be hurt again.
 A barrier of hope, trust and longing
 Not to be broken, unless for real.
 Is what this white knight brings
 Some true love, for you to feel.
 A love to fill your heart space
 Which flips when you hear their voice
 The longing to touch and smell them,
 Knowing that it’s both your choice.
Two true hearts to be watched over
 By this Knight before he rides
 Away into the sunset
 Knowing he’d done his job, with pride.

 All the love he spreads about him,
 Hope he has, a love to hold
 Cos the end must be a happy one,
 To this story , we have told.