Written by: John Loving III

had no breakfast today
but somehow i'll make it
in the usual way
when it comes to hunger
i can take it
at work everything is wonderful
everything is fine
the weather is cool 
and bright is the sun shine
no worries what ever
my face has a smile
driving along my mind 
drifts for a while
and then it hits me
like a thunderbolt 
lighting on the inside
from somewhere in my stomach 
straight to my backside
you know that feeling 
you know what it is 
stomach churning
bubbling bad
something is yearning
and needs to go fast
before i know it
i'm full of hot air
i want to let it go 
but i do not dare
look for the box
they call johnny on the spot
but when i get there 
the door was locked
standing out side and holding it tight
no matter what their doing
i'm gonna lose this fight
and then it happens
what nature fought to get through
now tell me honestly
has this ever happened to you