You Said

Written by: Ashley Smeltzer

You said you loved me
you said you cared
But you cannot see
all this pain that I have endured.

I feel as if you're lying
and cannot stop my crying.
What did I do to deserve all this pain
all this pain that I cannot sustain...

You say you've change
but all you're referring to,
is that thing in your pants
that you cannot contain.

You call yourself a "player"
you call yourself a "beast"
But all I see standing in front of me,
is a lying cheating thief.

You stole my heart
you took my pride
And threw it all back in my face,
with no surprise.

Now I see that you never loved me...
and that you've always loved her..
Now I see..
as these painful tears stream down my face,
That I was never in your heart...
You never loved me...