All About Ralph

Written by: RALPH TAYLOR

This was quite a challenge!
You could call it - My potpourri!
It will give other "Soupers", a little glimpse,
of what it is that makes me - me!

I spent 21 years in the Air Force. 
One year in Vietnam.
Been to several Foreign Countries,
thanks to Uncle Sam!

I love classic country music,
like Jim Reeves and Johnny Cash.
I enjoy the older sitcoms,
like "Golden Girls" and "MASH"!

What's my favorite movie?
"Driving Miss Daisy", I must say!
My favorite singer is, Dean Martin,
even though he passed away.

Meatballs and Spaggetti,
that's my favorite dish.
I kinda favor, Italian food,
but I sure do not, like fish!

Baseball hats, on backwards,
and drivers on their "cell",
Tattoos, lip and nose rings,
bug me all-to-Hell!

I love golf and watching baseball.
I'm a die-hard Yankee fan.
I love to snack on Oreo cookies,
and "Cadbury chocolate, when I can!

I have an addiction to cruising.
December is when I go.
It's on "Royal Caribbean" or "Carnival" lines,
for the last 10 years in a row!