Imagined Embrace - Adult Content -

Written by: Aimee Garside

I hear the ring and deep down I know it’s you,
Anticipating what you want me to do.
 Will you want me to sigh and give into you straight away?
Or will you want me to work for it, join in and play.
Pink meets pink as I lick out and taste my lips
Just thinking about you makes me itch.
Succumbing to your sweet siren call,
My fingers start to trace down my snowy white skin,
Finding the ample bosom within.
I feel around, pulling and teasing,
Even harder when I can hear it’s you that I’m pleasing.
Hearing you start to pant and sigh my name,
I begin to throb and tingle imagining the pain.
I tell you what I want to do,
And you tell me, carry on oh please don’t stop nothing more will do.
I go deeper down below,
Trailing my fingers through my parted thighs,
Moaning your name out loud giving you that wanted high.
I begin to rise hearing you pant even more,
Telling you I’m rubbing what is only yours
You say oh baby I’m right there!
And that arches my back sending me into the air.
I moan out your name, yelling it to you,
While I’m working my fingers right into the dew.
With a wither and an oh god parting my lips,
I finish the night with one last kiss.