The Millionth Mile

Written by: Karen van Wyk

How odd I find these days! 
Days of hidden agendas.
Days of crippling Lives.
Tho most would say, 
' It's just how it is.'
To live in a stinking sty? 
Full of hate! 
Full of lies! 
Watching one feed on anothers flesh.
Purposeful anger! 
Betrayed by pain.
Always, one can choose childhood, 
for blame.
It's easy to cast aside the shame.
When you can inject numbness, 
in your veins.
2006, what a joke! 
Children are born without hope! 
Parents live for what greed demands.
Damn the truth! 
Damn the man! 
Scrambling souls with blackened eyes.
Deep in vain. 
Weighted in denial.
It's fate, the millionth mile.