Love's Season

Written by: keisha davis

The leaves turn and it’s the season of Love
The gates open and it’s the reason for floods
We want an outpouring!
To be lavished by his spirit, it’s the coming of the Holy
We must know thee and be drenched
Not looking to pitch tents or to cool the fire with vents
But to burn for HE who was and is to be sent
I must look for him. You must come!
Romance. Flute. War cry. Drum.
And we wait. An overshadowing faith.
There’s a living portion waiting for the dead to take
It’s in the river. We must not escape.
Drape us with your wineskins.
Not torn but fit for what’s inside them
His joy is our strength and we must find him
Those blinded by cares of the world, 
Only to see his blinding light.
Reviving us to sight. We must see you
Never will we be you
So may we submit to the turning of the leaves
It’s the season of Love.
Infillings of hearts, many healings by the blood.
Break us shake men’s hearts
The start of a new thing.
Mouths open to fed prayers and praises of our King.
Sing, again. 
We want an outpouring!
Walking under Open Heavens.
I hear the words of The Life.
Live and not die, so saved by the Christ
Take us up.
Father, there’s a longing for communion.
It’s the season of Love
And the leaves do turn.