The Grand Old Book

Written by: peggy caulfield

The Grand Old Book I love to read;
Is the only Dear Book I will ever need.

It is the Blessed Book that guides me along;
This Sacred Book fills my heart with a song.

As I read this Precious Book to the end;
I listen for the messages God is trying to send.

This Inspired Book has no errors within;
And this Soul-convicting Book will keep me from sin.

My Treasured Book tells me how to live a holy life;
And commands me to keep from sinful strife.

In this Ancient Book I will meditate day and night;
For this Soul-saving Book I will always fight.

What is this Preserved Book, you ask of me?
It has pages that assure us of eternity.

This Grand Old Book is God's Holy Word,
I will hold this Book up as my Shining Sword.

This Precious Book is the King James Bible - 1611