Written by: Kristopher Curran

For now, you are gone (or so it 
feels) and so are my eye's
All I ask, is for one occasion in 
this life
Where I can bless your ear's 
with my explanation
Written words for me this far 
have been unkind
they have failed me
Constant mistakes from a 
passionate and misunderstood 
Possibly unaware, you drift onĀ 
A gentle, beautiful breeze
It whisks you away on a whim 
of your own discomfort
You alone FEEL what you know 
is true
However, so do I
A private, lonely mind and one 
simple, needed and wanted 
It has been denied (as you feel)
If only I could talk, questions 
that would taste rich with 
honesty, feeling and 
Say anything, anything and it 
will be greeted with a perfected 
An honest response would ease 
(I know it would) and illuminate 
your kind nature
A nature, existence, person, 
My mind and eye's truly, deeply