Pleased To Meet Ya

Written by: Caleb Smith

I wonder who I am sometimes
What exactly defines me?
The places I've been...
The things that I've done...
Or the people that surround me?

I'm a proud father of two
And a loving husband of ten years
A country man from the south
Born and raised by the belt
With no pats on the back or cheers

I was an A and B athlete in shcool
I studied and played all I could
Baseball hands and a football head
Turned down the college scene
I was afraid I wasn't that good

At fifteen I went to China
As a missionary with my dad
I've been twice since then
Smuggling bibles in...should I have said that?
Oh well...prison's not that bad

I stood on the Great Wall of China
In the company of greatness
I also dove down alleys
And into the tunnels
To lend a hand, to the helpless

Canada, Mexico, Korea, Japan
I've been to those places too
I'm thirty years old
And back in the south
Milling some rice here for you

I'm a welder and wood-carver
I make rustic furniture and canes
Walking sticks with wood-fellow faces
All made in my shop
I write best in Arkansas rains

I kill all the deer that we eat
I catch many fish here as well
I like to box
And I like to lift weights
But I don't like the way a gym smells

I don't care much for politics
I don't care much for greed
I don't say much in person
I think quiet is priceless
And this country boy has all he needs

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