My Favorite Devonshire

Written by: Phyllis Babcock

 She soars up and above the clouds
 and rides on the breeze of the wind.  
 Bringing words of hope and inspiration
 as the breeze lifts her wings-high--higher.
 Her heart and soul flies higher than an eagle
 And her words dance in the wind-wild and free.
 Kindness, guides her way.
 Bringing light to a sometimes challenging world.
 Words that are tranquilizers for the soul.
 Passion, for without passion we never meet true goals.
 It builds strength and character and guides our way.
 In writing she has attained all these.


 Carolyn is a true inspiration to all of us on this poetry site. A  warm and loving heart and a true humanitarian. I have known Carolyn  for a few years and I must say she has some outstanding poetry. 
 Her warm and caring heart has touched us deeply and I am so proud to call her my friend and part of my soup family. You have touched many souls with your poetry
Blessings to you.

Not sure how to copy and paste Carolyn's poems.
My fav. are