Caffeine High by Carolyn Devonshire

Written by: john freeman

Caffeine High
He works like a well-oiled machine
But only when filled with caffeine
No power within

The caffeine is just a smoke screen
He won’t even stop for cuisine
So he’s string-bean thin

Phenomenal  woman, Carolyn Devonshire illustrates her uniqueness as poetess in this clever and witty poem “Caffeine High.” After looking over all her list of poems on this site, I failed to come up with any particular poem that I liked better than the others, I like them all, therefore, I chose this particular one. Though “Caffeine High” demonstrates only two of her many skills, passions and unique abilities as a writer, her poems are those that I would expect to see survive the trials of the changing times, and be among the uniqueness of the greats. I have been privileged to know Carolyn for some three years, and have co-written at least one poem with her. Her faith in equality and dislike for bigotry flavors the notion of emphasis in each piece of her work, and never is there any dismissal of another’s ideals. 

The poetic endeavors of Carolyn flavor an impression upon myself that I will carry with me as being outstanding as long as I walk through this earthly valley of the shadow of death until reaching the portals of the absolute and beyond. Her type of writing, it’s passionate quality, will definitely be viewed as one that made the current state of humanistic evolvement more tolerable. She has been and her poetry, a great source of encouragement for my own lack in ability in expressions of my own passions in what inwardly I knew were facts of truths that needed written. To a dear friend a personal salute, Agape, John Moses Freeman.