Why Are You Looking At Me

Written by: Franklin Goode

Why are you looking at me?

When I see it, it sees me. Sometimes, I smile.  It smiles back at me. If I scratch my head, it does the same. Is there no shame?

If I get up in the middle of the night and turn on the light, it’s looking at me.  Never saying anything.  Just watching me. I am not a prisoner, but it always has it eyes on me. Sometime it imitates me, when I smile, it smiles.

I have tried to sneak up on it without making a noise. It looks at me, as if to say “you silly dilly”. Sometimes its humiliating, it acts like my twin and always wins.
I am not sure? 

 Am I the only one with this problem?  No one is willing to admit it, maybe they are unclear. Many are comfortable with this situation, with hesitation and reservation.
This has been happening to me, as far back as I can see. 

There has to be an answer in some form or manner. Now! How can you pretend to do nothing, and admit you see no harm.  Stop pulling my arm.  

Enough is enough, why are you always watching me?  I have no privacy in your presence .  What are you going to do about this dilemma?

The next time, I come in this room, and you stare at me in a strange way, this will be your last day!      

 Say what? This is what mirrors do to you. … 
Please accept my apology, I imagine you’ll never,  ever speak to me.
Dr. “G”