Written by: Maxeen Deas-Dennis

Why are you being so distant?
Avoiding all my calls and texts
Now it’s becoming clear that you lie to me
But I thought liking me was true 
I should have Know that your wife 
will come back to be with you
Was it fair to lead me on and satisfy you?
What about me now?
I’m a woman that don’t know what to do 
This is what I get for listening to you

Why send me a text and say what’s up
Then when I reply you text me a lie 
So what am I suppose to do with my feelings now
All I wanted to do was to talk with you
To figure out what went wrong
Was I coming on to strong?
Tell me something so I will know
Is it time for me to hang up the phone?

Why did you play my heart in the mood?
I should have been expecting it now it’s bruised
No man wants to tell the truth about wanting to love you for a few
So filling that empty space with me until, 
his wife comes back that’s his number one rule  
Now, I’m saying I will never ever be your fool!