she left him

Written by: chelsy gonzales

He's lost and confused and hides behind his smile 
He's afraid and sorry, has felt like this for a while 
The pain he feels is because he never got to say goodbye 
She's gone and wont be back, he wonders why
what's supposed to be the best day of his life is now his worst
No one understands why he runs from it, he tries not to burst 
Most can't see but a few can tell
He used to feel on top of the world and within a few seconds he fell
it came and went so fast, it's just a blur 
he can't let go, spends his days missing her
He's trapped in his head, can't find his way out 
a couple people know what it's about 
He doesn't and will never understand, to him its a curse 
day after day, the pain gets worse
he holds his head up high
deep inside he's so frustrated, tries not to cry 
all i can do is be the best niece that i can be 
and stand in the sidelines and wait for the day when my uncle breaks down and really needs me