Crumbling Castle

Written by: Juli- Michelle

Well I,
I've decided that you get what you get
So I sing it out so I can see tomorrow
You keep making me fall down
But as I stumble into the night
I realize that I have hardly met the one for me
And as push comes to shove, I realize
I can't let you get me to run away
But you,
You take to the spotlight
And say it's you and I both that share it
But ignorance, my friend, is yours
So stay away, stay away from me
Your lies are bleeding through your teeth
I spin and I sway from the pressure
Both of us, 
Broken, we were broken from the beginning
There's something about the love we had
it was never there, it never existed
I'm sick of second chances that I gave to you
because nothing ever got better
And brick by brick of my foundation fell
fell to pieces, the ruin at my feet
The fairytale totally over.