Heaven's Doorway

Written by: Caleb Smith

The bitter pain and darkness is only for a moment
Heaven's gentle song stirs me
From a dream I wake into another
And the cloud of my confusion is a stairway
I climb

I watch each step I take as a day
Each day is a transleucent picture of where I've been
I feel no pride or shame
I feel only compelled to climb

I begin to see things without a glance
There are angels beside the stair
Their own eyes are radiance defined
And I look to them with gladness and pain

Time ceases to have meaning as I walk
The life I've been watching becomes a moment
I know in this moment I've been true
And I've been standing here all along

There is no doorway to look upon
Only two winged sentinals guarding invisible joy
And as I cross the unknown, all unknown dies
In a blinding stroke of the greatness that is

*for the Heaven's Doorway contest