Written by: Robert Ball

Of course no one can predict the future and what is to happen.
History has a way of repeating itself that’s the way of things.
In Europe, Germany has the strongest economy that’s amazing isn’t it.
When they flex there muscles all Europe trembles and financially they are split. 

Winston Churchill warned Europeans about this nation before the Great War.
At first subtly, then they stormed ferociously and left the world with deadly scars
The European Union runs strictly by this nation’s evil agenda and policies.
It flexes its muscles, economic power and institutes its ideologies.

Why have the western nations allow this enemy of democracy to take control?
We stand idly by listening to rhetoric and let their policies to roll.
Their navy is dominating the Mediterranean Sea poised to control and to act.
Shortly they’ll have military might another Third Reich is powerfully back.

They don’t want England involved they are being alienated and forced out.
Yet we stand idly by without so much as peep or a shout.
Our military is being stretched out to the limit.
We as a free nation and as powerful as we are, are afraid to speak out.

Our faith in God has turned lukewarm and we fail in our duty morally.
Our leaders forget that with the Lords guidance we can conquer spiritually.
Standing as a beacon to the world, repenting, kneeling and ask God for His loving guidance,
We would be able to prevail against the devil; the world needs this nation to stop this moral corruptness.

The free nations England, U.S.A., can’t stand alone against this assault.
The fascist Nazi’s are alive and thriving we can’t allow this, we are at fault.
They were to never again have military might after the World War, never allowed to re-arm.
Yet, they are here again rearing their ugly agenda this should be shown to the world, and we should be alarmed.