Love equals Life

Written by: Shaz Cheesman

Its been a while for me what about you?
Almost forgotten or possibly not a clue
Fantasies arise - begin to store and evolve
What once was a truth - is now desolved

So its been a while for me - what about you?
Surely i know - what on earth i have to do
What distraction has caused intimacy zero for me
Calm my crazy world so iron clad i couldnt see

Why walk this earth with my eyes wide shut
Deny myself opportunity, intimacy and love
Closed to inspiration for a heart just beating life
Trying to send me signals to feel love beaming bright

Knowing i have it within me but yet im petrified
Wish it would just find me - envelope me so kind
Embracing feelings - i have so long been denied
Help me decipher the signs so i dont lose my mind

Hey you out there - if your reading my rhyme
Please - let this be your sign .........................
Don't be like me - and forget what life is all about