Ha Ha Ha I’m way over that
Yes I’m over the cry that tried to ruin me
Me, a child of God with so many promises, hopes and dreams 
Trying to make me forget who I am
Destroying all I’ve seen, known and come to understand
With constant tear drops, bitter and without an end
Drowning my heart, my mind and everything I’d want to defend
Creating a new me while taking all I got
Oh was this cry ever going to stop?

I reminisce on the day it tried to take me over
Faking my smiles, watering my eyes and me it tried to devour
There were so many things I needed to do, oh there was so much
But the strength that once drenched my bones was no felt; not even in a touch
It left me in an instance, the moment I embraced the cry
Leaving my frail old body gloomy and dry
And so I felt like nothing, nothing at all
But a big grey castle holding nothing but brick walls

Oh but here I am: here I now stand
Free from all chains and standing as a man 
For now I proudly and boldly embrace a new cry
One that comes with sweet feelings, joyful tear drops and a feel to try
With chills in my bones and butterflies deep within
I’m free from the cry that walks behind sin
Yes I want to sing; oh yes I want to shout
Oh world here I am; a new man of worth
So farewell old cry that wanted to steal
The love, joy and the peace that has now been revealed