Role Play

Written by: Tania Gainous

What happens when you know 
The difference between right and wrong
Majority sings wrong
So you sing the same song
What happens when you 
Value love but you're forced to
Value money
Now you're living like someone else
Because you think 
if you were yourself
The only thing left of you 
Would be a picture on the shelf
You just couldnt make it through
Holding on to your precious values
Now you're teaching your 5 year old
How to be a soldier
Because you have grown cold
As you have grown older
Taking away a future that could 
Bring positive change
Because everyone in a lifetime 
has a role to play
In a big crowd, if you're the one 
To sit down
You're leaving room for someone
to take your place
So in everything you do
Be encouraged to be you 
And be consistent
When you dont play your role
Then a piece of the story
Is missing