Heaven's Doorway

Written by: Rhonda Johnson-Saunders

Show me the way, Lord, to reach Heaven's door To your golden entryway, carry me In your gentle arms, guide me, I implore When this life's done, your loving face I'll see Basking in your light, my soul will soar free I imagine a door open to all who love Him with the courage to believe As Jesus welcomes, to our knees we fall in praise, never again to hurt or grieve This eternal beauty hard to conceive Heavenly breezes blow from a bright sky No sun shines upon us, He is the light All sins cast away, Love forever nigh As I'm garnished in a soft robe of white, a mansion, His promise, stands in my sight This solid wood door, no hinges to swing A masterpiece made, the Carpenter brings Worshiping souls dance, Heaven's entry gained From shimmering pearls, angels sweetly sing glory to Heaven, a joyous refrain