beliving in life :

Written by: alisa cook

 there's alway's a rainbow after a rain , 
kids laughing and singing splashing and playen .
looking up at the beautiful sky seeing the pretty white clouds passen you by
pretented too see all kinda shapes floating around just makes my day.

and the star's so pretty that shine thinking to myself which one could be mine.
i'm a old goat ' a cap i belive. so beliveing in the future is alright with me.
i day dream alot and wish foolish thing's . 
but most in life is shareing my dream's. 
dont have much to hold on to but what i do got its tired and true .
life is a place where dream's can be made ,hopes can compromise
and heart's build ways.

there's a world out here that's full of hope , learning new thing's and gathering hope
life is much better when you belive in the star's the pretty white clouds and slashing bright star's.