missing you

Written by: alisa cook

 we once was friends, and now were not
i gave my all, guess you forgot.
you better'ed your life or so you say''
never new drug's could make a man's day!

you'd fool all your friends let'em think that you cared
 but that's what con's do when they dont really care.
 hate set in from some that you loved ,they start'a seeing you was 
 just a bad dud.
so go on beliving and thinkin your cool it's your life and your's to rule. 

know one's goinga be there when you treat'em like dirt .
know one's goinga care when you really feel hurt . 
you'll lose repect along with your friends  and the devil will have you for his own best friend.
you'll wonder why everything went all wrong .

just look back at life when you did everyone wrong.
now you'll feel bad ,and you wont be that strong , you''ll need a friend back in your life 
someone to talk to or hold would be nice .

lucky for you the devil is hell : 
he'll put up with lies and whatever alse?
i feel sorry for you , when it comes to repect you traded everything you had 
that loved u back. 
because of drug's and laying on your back!