Soulmates or emotional weights

Written by: Sabina Nicole

Big and Carrie, a romance that carried
Passion, desire, hunger and thirst
But a bad boy’s love is what hurts the worst
For when one craves and gets an inner inch
For love that’s wings are clipped and stitched
Conditional flight takes root in one’s soul
They forget that unconditional love is the most important goal
For his kind cannot fill the voids inside her heart
Just like an addiction you want to stop after it officially starts
And when she finds pure love she does not know how to receive
For she is used to this man that always picks up and leaves
Soul mates or soul ties that should have been broken
For a writer that’s aware has a special token
Reflection on pages filled with the mind
Could have saved her from going back to Mr. Big in later times.

By: sabina
soul partners
Big and Carrie